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Intangible moments you can keep are beautifully crafted memories. Event Stylist Co seeks to ensure this through the exclusive and thorough execution & delivery of all your events and function needs.


Event Stylist Co offers event and function planning, styling, coordination & execution, always with a classy touch.

Be it a children's party, traditional wedding, birthday celebration, corporate function, recreational retreat, or simply a day of pampering, Event Stylist Co is available to make it happen your way.


It is about that personal touch. Event stylist and coordinator Mathunzi Macdonald insists on a hands on approach when working on any and all client briefs. This is to ensure your event is personalized and perfectly unique, as far as is possible according to your preferred brief.


We know and understand that you would only want to experience moments that you would want to cherish. We understand the experiences you would love to share with friends, family & colleagues. So we thrive to deliver on just that.


Allow us to stretch and challenge your imagination with unconventional ideas and that extra unique element for your events and functions.


Feel free to request our celebrity friends to host or be part of your special event.

Professionals in varied fields that complement your event will be sourced and made available to you to complete your event needs.


From private chefs to live bands, DJ's or a mobile spa team, we have you covered.


Done & Dusted, Exquisitely.


event stylist co

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The Verse Productions is a Television, Film & Music production house in creative development.


Run by young black female industry professionals.


The Verse Productions is also a creative exchange and development agency, vested in the development, creation and sharing of media, digital, photographic, musical and dramatic art content.


This house offers opportunity to different media and artistic practitioners to come together and create a body of work engulfed in creative genius and finesse, according to the current industry market need, or appropriate developmental needs of artists, creators, media agencies or industry broadcasters.


Collaboration is key to our creative and business development.


Be it with existing and well established production companies or diligent and experienced producers; the young writer, film maker or directors from all artistic spheres; theatre, television and film practioners or educators and mentors;

The Verse is looking to meet with you and begin a journey that will contribute to the positive shift in the South African media industry.


We promise to deliver work of the highest quality, appropriate for this digital and high definition media era.


We promise to tell our stories as they should be told.


We would like to pay personal attention to your music production needs through our sister company Thunzy Music.


Allow us to do the work.


"Intelligent Creation in Absolution"



the verse productions

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Thunzy & the Verse is a music ensemble founded and led by vocalist, music author & arranger Mathunzi Macdonald.


The core membership of this NuJazz & Soul music ensemble consists of Jazz & Popular music graduates. Guest musicians also hold not only an academic know how, but a deep rooted passion for the art of music. Alongside Mathunzi, pianist, composer, vocalist & music educator Teboho Kobedi stands in as co music director and arranger.


Drummer, vocalist and composer Thulani Sithela not only maintains the rhythm of the music, but stands as the voice of reason and humor.


Nhlanhla Ngwenya gratuated as a piano major but serves The Verse as a bassist.

With an extra nod to his talent in possessing perfect pitch, Nhlanhla is well in tune.


The Verse is not limited by genre or particular spaces. A continuous exploration and appreciation of Music allows for The Verse to grace many different stages and appeal to a variety of audiences.


Set apart from many Jazz & Soul ensembles by the use of vocal harmony arrangements which are beautifully blended not only with original compositions but popular music which is reharmonized or rearranged to please the listening ear. Guest composers allow for the Verse to further explore a vast array of styles, languages and musical techniques.


Above all Thunzy & the Verse is about the creating, sharing and appreciating of this supernatural gift... Music.





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thunzy music

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