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The Verse Productions is a television, film, theatre , creative content & music production house in creative development. 

Creative and writer Mathunzi Macdonald founded this space with the intention to create work and tell stories that are dying to be told and heard.

The Verse Productions is also a creative exchange and development agency, vested in the development, creation and sharing of media, digital, photographic, musical and dramatic art content. This house offers opportunity to different media and artistic practitioners to come together and create a body of work engulfed in creative genius and finesse, according to the current industry market need, or appropriate developmental needs of artists, creators, media agencies or industry broadcasters.

Collaboration is key to our creative and business development.

Be it with existing and well established production companies or diligent and experienced producers; the young writer, film maker or directors from all artistic spheres; theatre, television and film practioners or educators and mentors;
The Verse is looking to meet with you and begin a journey that will contribute to the positive shift in the South African media industry.

We promise to deliver work of the highest quality, appropriate for this digital and high definition media era.

We promise to tell our stories as they should be told.

We would like to pay personal attention to your music production needs through our sister company Thunzy Music. Allow us to do the work. It is always our absolute pleasure.

' Intelligent Creation in Absolution '