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I am Mathunzi Macdonald, a twenty eight year old South African black creative. A beautiful mesh of Swazi and Malawian ethnicity who is curious and passionate about the Arts as well as Humanities.

I use the term "Multifaceted Creative" to best express my interest, studies, work and achievements in various faculties. Simply put? I do a little bit of everything. I recently completed my national diploma in Early Childhood Development and will qualify fully as a Montessori Directress on completion of my practical hours in a school based in the province where I reside, Gauteng.

Prior to this I spent a year training in Musical Theatre before moving to the Jazz and Popular Music department at the Tshwane University of Technology. This period was also the inception of both my acting and music careers. Thunzy and the Verse is the musical ensemble which embodies my musical offering of Nu Jazz and Popular music. Television, film and stage are all mediums that I've had the privilege of utelising to tell stories. 2015 saw me step into my theatrical director shoes when I was asked to direct a children's theatre production in my hometown of Emalahleni with a company I had previously worked for as an actress.

"I couldn't risk not telling our stories or sharing my imaginings, so I began to write."

I have a natural knack for writing. Within minutes I am able to script what ever I am set to deliver at a particular time. I author music, script for television and theatre and I write features and blogs for persons and publications. You may have visited my blog before, or will be introduced to my personal story on my blog site An open book; I share a bit about my personal journey and purposefully touch on subjects which are usually considered taboo.

The choice to explore the world of business came from an actual phobia of having no money. As well as the realisation that I am fulfilled by/through the fullfilment of others. The Verse Productions and Event Stylist Co are the newly developed engines which currently run on the feet of my ambitions and aspirations.
In addition to these businesses, I am continuing my educational pursuits in the Arts at the Market Theatre Laboratory

This site is designed to give you a more distinctive look not only at who I am, but the various things that I do. Services rendered do not expel opportunity for collaborative efforts and collective support and growth. 

M is for Music, money and magic

I had wished to study music when I fell into the musical theatre classroom. My reading and writing of music was a tad suspect, so I applied for something I had better experience in. Self study carried me into the Jazz and Popular music department where I majored in Vocals. Music means more to me than a simple qualification. Music is a gift from the universe that carries us as we carry it through the various languages of our souls. Music makes or destroys. Music is a dialect I can never master but can never abandon.

Who doesn’t love money and what it can offer? The love of money can be hazardous to one’s existence so let us replace love with “appreciate” for purposes of “correctness”. I do not have a lot of it as yet, I survive mainly on the hard work my parents put in so as to afford my siblings and I a comfortable lifestyle well into adulthood, but I am getting there. Slow progress countered by magical moments.

“If it’s magic then with it why aren’t we as careful…” asked Stevie Wonder. Love is magic, life is magic. Find the magic in the chaos and when you fail to locate it, create it.  

A is for Art

There are very few art forms that I have not learnt to appreciate. I form part of the many brilliant,undeveloped, up coming, seasoned, satisfied, struggling and driven creatives who waste their days making artistic history. I feed from the pots of music, dance, acting, culinary experience, drawing and being human. Human is the most challenging but most beautiful of these Art forms. What an experience.. 

T is for teaching

I am an educator by profession and by natural inclination. I have completed a qualification in Early Childhood Development and am engaged in the practical practice of my Montessori Directress studies. I also teach music and other art forms. The mind of the child, if well fed could lead us to an experience of beautifully seasoned adults who are better skilled in the art of human. Children have the ability to restore one’s faith in humanity. Thus I do what I do. 

H is for humanities

My aptitude test in 2010 suggested that Arts and Humanities are where my aptitudes lie. May I argue that this is almost completely accurate?

U is for unapologetic

I apologise for the use of a prefix structured word but this is what I have chosen to become. I fail, a lot at meeting this state in my human journey. But who can love and appreciate my makeup apart from me, after God? My parents could try and carry the golden flagged of successful moulding in parenting but I’m pretty sure they still shy away at a glimpse of my ink. I am sorry that i am not sorry. 

N is for
Natural and Nurture

The superficial pride taken in maintaining hair that is not chemically processed. Excluding hair dyes it would seem. I only say superficial for such reasons; how misguided we are in the expression of our pride. Outside of this, I am all about my Swazi Malawian curls.

Nurture is innate. My nurturing nature has been described as “ Loves/Is Kind to a fault. I am okay with this, I’d rather live and be remembered only for this.

Z is for Zion

An heiress of a King who creates kingdoms both earthly and celestial. A Father, who through love, moves the mountains which blind you into positions suitable for the construction of temporary mansions built from the bricks of you visions and desires.

I is for Impossible

I am yet to find something that is