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About me

At the age of 27, South African born, multi-ethnic Mathunzi has travelled multiple academic paths. Having studied Musical Theatre, Jazz & Popular Music, Early Childhood Development and shortly delving in other streams, her education, coupled with her personal attributes and aspirations has formed her working model and day to day way of living.

As a writer, musician, theatre & television actress, the creative fulfills her desire to connect with people through telling stories.

She speaks through her music as part of her personally established  NuJazz & Soul Ensemble, Thunzy & the Verse.

Mathunzi authors & arranges music for not just herself,  but various artist who perform in different genres, which sees her writing meet her passion.


Mathunzi can be described as a multifaceted creative who's work and interests lay deeply in the fields of Arts and Humanities.

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Read about her personal story, her interests, her goals, her poetry and more!



A preference in live performances has seen Mathunzi on multiple stages, sharing her heart through song.

Her lead role as Nancy in the popular Operetta Oliver Twist evoked Mathunzi's interested in the dramatic arts. Role's such as that of Bongi on SABC1's "My Perfect Family" further cemented a decision to become a television actress alongside her work in theatre, and above her work as a writer. 2015 saw Mathunzi debut as a Theatre Director, this honor was experienced and enjoyed in her home town of Emalahleni.


"I believe in creating work when there is none. I believe in revealing the untold stories, because we tend to become fixated on what is "normal" and easy".

That is why I write. That is why I produce."


The Verse Productions is home to a body of work Mathunzi has crafted through her writing. Collaborations with well established media houses will see Mathunzi grow further, not only develop as a producer, but continuously exercise her love and passion for writing.

Her blog carries her personal story, her interests, her goals, her poetry as well as issues that are sometimes a taboo to discuss.

Again, there is a consistent need to connect with those around around her, through any medium.


A business in principle but a passion in essence, Event Stylist Co allows this creative to create, coordinate and see through events that are intended to create memories and tell her story through creative efforts and meticulous attention to detail.


Proudly African, unapologetically black, a love enthusiastic, a conversationalist, an artist, a friend, a mother, a believer in God and His devine purpose, Mathunzi Macdonald is set to experience and share life through any and every gift, skill or talent.


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