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The team and I are working on something exciting for 2018.
Thank you for journeying with me thus far.

-Mathunzi Macdonald


I am Mathunzi Macdonald, a twenty eight year old South African black creative. A beautiful mesh of Swazi and Malawian ethnicity who is curious and passionate about the Arts as well as Humanities.

I use the term "Multifaceted Creative" to best express my interest, studies, work and achievements in various faculties. Simply put? I do a little bit of everything. I recently completed my national diploma in Early Childhood Development and will qualify fully as a Montessori Directress on completion of my practical hours in a school based in the province where I reside, Gauteng.

Prior to this I spent a year training in Musical Theatre before moving to the Jazz and Popular Music department at the Tshwane University of Technology. This period was also the inception of both my acting and music careers. Thunzy and the Verse is the musical ensemble which embodies my musical offering of Nu Jazz and Popular music. Television, film and stage are all mediums that I've had the privilege of utelising to tell stories. 2015 saw me step into my theatrical director shoes when I was asked to direct a children's theatre production in my hometown of Emalahleni with a company I had previously worked for as an actress.

"I couldn't risk not telling our stories or sharing my imaginings, so I began to write."

I have a natural knack for writing. Within minutes I am able to script what ever I am set to deliver at a particular time. I author music, script for television and theatre and I write features and blogs for persons and publications. You may have visited my blog before, or will be introduced to my personal story on my blog site
An open book; I share a bit about my personal journey and purposefully touch on subjects which are usually considered taboo.

The choice to explore the world of business came from an actual phobia of having no money.
As well as the realisation that I am fulfilled by/through the fullfilment of others.
The Verse Productions and Event Stylist Co are the newly developed engines which currently run on the feet of my ambitions and aspirations.

This site is designed to give you a more distinctive look not only at who I am, but the various things that I do. Services rendered do not expel opportunity for collaborative efforts and collective support and growth. Such work may be previewed on platforms such as Actor Spaces where I sit as a content contributor for 2018 (
My contact details are available on this site and on my social media pages.

On the 30th of January 2018 you will wake up to new content and a new online experience powered by Sibisi Media Group and yours truly.

Here's to a stunning and productive new year


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